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Electrical System Design, Forensic Engineering Investigation, Lighting Design, and Control Systems Design.

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With over 43 years of experience in the field, our professionals can successfully and efficiently assist with consulting services as well as the management of a diverse range of projects.

George Carroll Engineering has been owned and operated by George Carroll since 2000. George graduated from Memphis State University (now University of Memphis) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. George has worked on a variety of projects ranging from electrical design to forensic studies. He designs using AutoCAD and performs his own drafting, unless the project simply demands additional help. He has designed many school expansions, government structures, industrial facilities, office complexes, restaurants, apartments, and a variety of other structures. George also has completed numerous forensic studies on a myriad of topics such as lightning strike, electrical power surge, equipment failure, and fire related damage.

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Currently, George performs engineering work from his office in Conway, Arkansas. Via the internet he has worked with architects and contractors in Arkansas and the surrounding states.

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Currently licensed in Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklohoma, Kansas and Louisiana. Click the state for more information.